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Dornakal Diocese - History

The Dornakal Diocese was formed on December 1912. The First Bishop of the Dornakal Diocese was Rt. Rev. V. S. Azariah and also the first Anglican Indian Bishop. As a Bishop he contributed a lot to the Indian Christianity. The Diocese of Dornakal, to begin with it was a missionary work of the Church Missionary Society and the Indian Missionary Society. The work began in 1910 in response to a famous speech that a delegate named Azariah gave at the Edinburg Conference in 1910. (This, incidentally, is the same year the Missionary District of Olympia became the Diocese of Olympia.) It was decided that the missionary work was promising and should have a bishop. Azariah became bishop of Dornakal in 1912.

When the Diocese of Dornakal was first formed in 1912, it was quite a small diocese in the south-east corner of the Nizam's Dominions. A few years later it was enlarged by the addition of the District of Dummagudem, in which the Church Missionary Society (CMS) was working. Then a Resolution came of the Episcopal Synod in the year 1920, which transformed this comparatively small diocese into a diocese. By this resolution all the Mission Districts of both the Church Missionary Society (CMS) and the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel (SPG) in the Telugu country, were placed under the Episcopal jurisdiction of the Bishop of Dornakal.

The present Diocese of Dornakal includes a large portion of the Kistna district, together with the part of the Godavari district named Dummagudem; parts of the Kurnool and Cuddapah districts to the south occupied by the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel (SPG); also the areas in the Hyderabad State occupied by the Indian Missionary Society of Tinnevelly, the Singareni Mission, the Khammamett Mission (formerly under the Church Missionary Society), and Dornakal Diocesan Mission, which has started work in the until now totally unevangelised area in the Balapala Rajolu. Today Dornakal is known for two things, the railroad junction and the Church.

By the late 1940's, just two years after Bishop Azariah retired, the Presbyterians, Methodist, Congregationalist and the Anglicans (Episcopalians) came together as the Church of South India. Bishop Azariah played a major role so the Diocese of Dornakal was an important diocese even if it served a large territory made up of smaller communities.

Today the Diocese of Dornakal still consists of a large territory even after it was divided into two dioceses in the 1970's to make it easier to minister to the people. There are cities within the diocese now; however, they are small cities by Indian standards. The diocese also has a few coal mining communities. However, the majority of the diocese consists of poorer villages and hamlets. That doesn't mean there isn’t anyone here. Today there are more than 200,000 souls in the Diocese of Dornakal and it is definitely growing.


The Diocese of Dornakal mainly follows the vision of Church of South India (CSI). The purpose of the Diocese is the proclaiming the Gospel among the communities irrespective of caste and creed to fulfil the commandment of Christ in St. John Chapter 17 "That they may be all in one".


The Dornakal Diocese mainly follows the mission of Church of South India (CSI). The Dornakal Diocese to serve, servant of the God to make good facilities in the vineyard of God. To follow the command of Jesus Christ to go in the gentiles proclaiming the Gospel, make them as true Christian disciples Through this Mission expressing the solidarity among depressed communities and create new life. Giving witness about Christ Church and Strengthen the unity solidarity, peace and reconciliation.


  • Board of Mission and Evangelism
  • Board of Dalits and Adivasis Concerns
  • Board of Ecological Concerns


  • Diocesan Budget Committee
  • Diocesan Finance Committee
  • Diocesan Executive Committee
  • Diocesan Executive Committee
  • Diocesan Hostels Committee
  • Diocesan Higher Education Committee
  • Diocesan Education Committee
  • Diocesan Legal Questions Committee
  • Diocesan Socio- Economic Committee
  • Mission & Evangelism Committee
  • Diocesan Dalit Concerns Committee
  • Diocesan Youth Committee
  • Diocesan Sunday Schools Committee
  • Diocesan Women's Fellowship Committee
  • Diocesan Property Committee
  • Diocesan Paid Lay Workers Committee
  • Bible Examinations Committee
  • Diocesan Ministerial Committee
  • Diocesan Medical Committee

Group Church Councils

  • Dornakal Group Church Council
  • Khammam Group Church Council
  • Singareni Group Church Council
  • Kodad Group Church Council
  • Sagar Group Church Council
  • Sathupalli Group Church Council
  • Dummagudem Group Church Council

Women's Fellowship

Women's Fellowship of Dornakal Diocese is one of the effective bodies of the Diocese with a strong structure, which works towards the empowerment of women, both in the spiritual and secular fields. The Women's Fellowship in Dornakal Diocese started by Mrs. Ambu Azariah, she is the first Women's Fellowship President in Dornakal Diocese. At Present Revd. Mrs. V. Sunanda Prasada Rao is the Women's Fellowship President of the Dornakal Diocese. This Women's Fellowship usually prays for all corners of the Diocese and Ministry under the leadership of Revd. Mrs. V. Sunanda Prasada Rao. The Women's Fellowship became very strong they are helping in the congregational Ministry, Gospel Ministry, Cottage Prayer Ministry, and all the important occasions of the Diocese.

By Revd. Mrs. V. Sunanda Prasada Rao, the several Women's Fellowship Retreats were conducted in Group level, Diocese level and Regional level. By these programmes the Women’s Fellowship was strengthen and benefited in spiritual life. By Women's Fellowship the local congregational pastorates in Diocese will be getting benefited in spiritual way. The Women’s Fellowship is the back bone of the Diocese they are strengthening the congregational Ministry, Cottage Prayers and important occasions in Pastorates as well as in Diocese.

Activities of the Women's Fellowship in the Diocese:

  • Arranging fasting prayer on the Friday of every week.
  • Taking part in the charitable and missionary activities of the church.
  • Conducting Bible quizzes for the church to promote Bible study.
  • Celebrating Women's Sunday once in a year where women's congregation take active part in the worship service.

Youth Fellowship

The Dornakal Diocese having Youth Fellowship, the main target of Youth Fellowship is youth should grow in spiritual life. Regarding this, Diocesan conducting youth retreats and youth camps in Group Church Level and Diocesan Level. Many young committed their life to our lord and saviour Jesus Christ.

Usually every Sunday evening youth having spiritual programs like Bible studies, prayers, choir practice are arranged in Churches. Through this youth should grow in spiritually in God.

The Youth Fellowship extended in every pastorate and every congregation. The youth helping in important events at the time of festivals in church and congregation. They are participating in gospel preaching, and social works in pastorates and congregations of the Diocese.

Activities of the Youth Fellowship in the Diocese:

  • Taking part in the charitable and missionary activities of the church.
  • Conducting Bible quizzes for the church to promote Bible study.
  • Celebrating youth Sunday once in a year where youth congregation take active part in the worship service.

Sunday School

The Dornakal Diocese having Sunday School (Child Ministry) for the children to grow in spiritually in God. The Sunday School prayers also taken by the gross root level from congregations to Diocese level.

Every congregation having its own Sunday School programs according to the Duet 6th Chapter, Verses 1-6 telling about Children's spiritual life. This encouragement was given by Jehovah to Moses. Through these verses spiritual nurture differs from the secular education system.

Every Christian born child shall learns spiritual, ritual, religion and discipline system in the congregations in this sense, Dornakal Diocese supporting every child having Sunday School support through prayers. Children are learning, memory verses, action songs, skits and etc. This primary education helps with the children in their youth and normal household life.

Activities of the Sunday School in the Diocese:

  • Taking part in the charitable and missionary activities of the church.
  • Conducting Bible quizzes for the church to promote Bible study.
  • Celebrating Sunday School Sunday once in a year where children congregation take active part in the worship service.

Educational Institutions


  • Dornakal Diocesan Degree College - Dornakal
  • Dornakal Diocesan Junior College - Dornakal
  • Schools:

  • Dornakal Diocesan High School - Dornakal
  • Dornakal Diocesan English Medium School - Dornakal
  • Shriver Memorial School for Deaf - Dornakal
  • St. Mary's High School - Khammam
  • St. Andrew's High School - Kothagudem
  • St. Christ Church Primary School - Bhadhrachala
  • Hostels:

  • Elva Jackson Home - Dornakal
  • SMSD Hostel - Dornakal
  • Bishop Azaria Girls Hostel - Madiripuram
  • St. Peter's Boarding Home - Madiripuram
  • St. Peter's CDP - Kesamudram
  • John Samuel Mem. CD Project - Peddamupparam
  • Deaconess Mary CD Project - Garla
  • St. Andrew's CD Project - Kambalapalli
  • Christ Church CDC - Bhadrachalam
  • St. Mary's Reh. Centre - Khammam
  • . St. Mary's Girls Hostel - Khammam
  • DDJC Boys Hostel - Dornakal
  • PVM Home -Kallur
  • DDJC Girls Hostel - Dornakal
  • Dornakal CI Girls Home - Dornakal
  • CI Boys Hostel - Dornakal
  • DDEM Hostel -Burgampahad
  • Grace Aaron Home - Paloncha
  • St. Paul's CI Girls Hostel - Khammam
  • St. Mary's CI Girls Hostel - Kothalingala
  • IMST Hostel -Peeklasambhuthanda
  • Day Cere Centres:

  • Mandula Creche Dornakal
  • St. Mary's Creche Khammam
  • Churn Side Day Care Centre Garidepalli
  • Aaron Creche Singabhupalem
  • CSI Creche Nadigudem
  • Kodad Town Day Care Centre Kodad
  • Bhadrachalam Creche Bhadrachalam
  • Diocesan Officers

    Rev. B. D. P. Ravindra

    M.A., B.D., M.MM, D. Mn. , Secretary

    CSI St. Mary's High School Compound,
    Khammam, Khammam District,
    Telangana- 507001.


    Mr. K. J. Shubhakar Ashirvadam

    MCom, LL. B. , Treasurer

    CSI Diocesan Office, Epiphany Cathedral Compound, Domakal, Mahabubabad District,Telangana- 506 381


    Rev. R. Israel Reddy

    B.S.W., B.D , Ministerial Secretary

    CSI St. Peter's Church, Rudrampur, Kothagudem Via, Bhadradri, Kothagudem Dist., Telangana- 507 119.


    Mr. A J. Dharma Raj

    M.A. , Property Secretary

    Qr. No. C/364, Market Area, Rudrampur-507119, Kothagudem Via, Bhadradri, Kothagudem Dist., Telangana- 507 119.


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